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                           Anyang Tiefa Metallurgy Co., Ltd is a

                  professional manufacturing factory

                  specialized in ferroalloy products. Our

                   factory occupies 60 acres, including 2 lines

                  of CaSi alloy,8 lines of alloy cored wire etc.

                  Our main products include Alloys Cored
                  wires, Pure Ca Solid Cored Wire, Ca Metal series, other alloys and

                  Deoxidizer.All specifications can be adjusted according to the customer's

                  demands........[more information]

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                  Cored Wire

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                  Add:Longquan Development area , Long'an District, Anyang, Henan, China
                  Tel Phone:86-372-5055522      Fax:86-372-5055500

                  National ministry of industry and information website Record
                  Numbers   Henan ICP Record  ...... No
                  Technical support:Star source network
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